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A beach that is good for your health

health benefits of the beach

Enjoy the benefits of the beach in Tuscany

The summer is about to end and we all want to enjoy our last period of holidays in the best way. Of course, the sea is one of the most popular choices: we can refresh in the water, we can relax on dreamy beaches while the sunrays caress our skin, we can play with beach rackets or we can play beach volleyball, we can build fabulous castles or… “bury” our friends and relatives in the sand!

Well… who would ever imagine that this is not only a fun game, but that it also involves a series of health benefits? In fact, the hot sand is used in the so-called “Psammotherapy”, which is an enjoyable wellness treatment.

The hot sand causes the blood vessels to widen, which means that a greater amount of blood flows in veins and arteries. So, the body tissues receive more oxygen and nutrients, while the waste matters are expelled more rapidly. Moreover, the heat relieves muscle tension, because our body physiologically tends to give priority to thermal stimuli rather than to pain stimuli. So, being “buried” in the sand can turn out to be a really beneficial and relaxing experience.

There are lots of benefits even for the younger, especially with respect to the psychological sphere. Besides the natural joy of feeling a sense of freedom, they can breathe an air rich in iodine and be in contact with one of the most enchanting elements of nature. When they play with the sand, children establish a connection with the “Mother Earth” (at a subconscious level) and, since they can shape it, they develop creative skills and feel free to create and communicate what they cannot express verbally.

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With all these benefits for adults and children, it is no doubt the perfect destination for your family holidays!

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