The suggestive “coastal towers” of Tuscany

Wonderful coastal attractions in Tuscany that will enchant you!

The breathtaking landscapes of Tuscany are full of extraordinary beauties.
Among them is the enchanting coastline, made even more suggestive by peculiar “decorations”: the coastal towers, whose function was to protect the coasts from pirate incursions.
Here are three towers that you can visit in the area of Grosseto.

Torre della Trappola

Situated near the mouth of river Ombrone and near the Maremma Nature Park, the tower was built to control the river port and also included the ancient saltworks, a group of buildings that functioned as customhouses, a little church and some boundary walls. The tower consists of a square-plan building resting on a basis that has the shape of a truncated pyramid.
A flight of stairs leads to the front door with a round arch. Thanks to the restoration works, the original peak has been substituted with a pitched roof.

Torre di Castel Marino

This tower is situated on a hilly area in the Southern part of the municipal district of Grosseto, in the heart of the Maremma Nature Park. Despite its higher position, it declined in importance when the near Torre di Collelungo was built, because all sentinels moved to the new tower. In the XVIII century there was a partial collapse of the tower, but it soon was blocked through a series of restoration works. The structure is very similar to the that of the previous tower, except for the staircase and the roof, which are missing.

Torre di Collelungo

Situated at a short distance from Torre di Castel Marino, this tower was built to intensify the control over the coastline. The building underwent all sorts of mishaps: it was destroyed and then rebuilt in the XVI century, it was further restored in the XVIII century, it was hit by lightning in the XIX century and only in the last years of the last century was it restored to its former glory.

Enjoy the beauty of Tuscany and sense the Medieval atmosphere!
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