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A very ancient tradition

Craftsmanship in Tuscany

Craftsmanship in Tuscany

A holiday in Tuscany gives tourists the opportunity to appreciate the natural beauties of the region as well as it history, its culture and its traditions.
Among the activities that remarkably characterise this region, craftsmanship has always played an important role.

Since ancient times, fabrics, jewellery and works of art were precious merchandise appreciated and bought by the most important European courts.

From the Etruscan era until now, craftsmanship in Tuscany has never stopped to offer high quality: the ceramic from Montelupo, the precious objects created by the Florentine goldsmiths, the alabaster from Volterra, the terracotta from Siena…

As regards ceramic, Tuscany boasts a very ancient tradition, especially in the area of Montelupo, a locality in the province of Florence that was founded even before year 1000. Asciano, Bacchereto and Pontedera are other localities renowned for their quality ceramic. The shapes, the decorative patterns, the colours used and the mastery with which craftsmen work and paint in their workshops make these products really unique.

Volterra is instead the main locality where the alabaster is worked. Its products are renowned all over the world and include a large variety of objects: vases, statues, cups, glasses, lamps, clocks and many other wares to furnish the interiors with elegance.

The production of terracotta has mostly developed in Val d’Elsa, whose area is characterised by the presence of clay soil. This industry is assuming more and more importance, because it produces not only construction materials, but also furnishing items for the interior and the exterior. In the area of Siena and the Chianti region there are also other important localities where terracotta has been worked with great passion for ages.

During your holidays, you can visit several street markets and workshops where you can buy a souvenir and have a tangible memory of your special moments in Tuscany.

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