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Local legends and myths

popular tales of tuscany

Discover the amazing popular tales of Tuscany!

The Maremma region in Tuscany is a magical, suggestive place, a true source of inspiration. It’s not a coincidence that, over time, history and myth have merged, giving birth to amazing tales.

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A very ancient tradition

Craftsmanship in Tuscany

Craftsmanship in Tuscany

A holiday in Tuscany gives tourists the opportunity to appreciate the natural beauties of the region as well as it history, its culture and its traditions.
Among the activities that remarkably characterise this region, craftsmanship has always played an important role.

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The taste of Tuscany in a glass

typical wines of tuscany

Enjoy the distinctive taste and aroma of the typical wines of Tuscany

The art of winemaking in Tuscany has very ancient roots, since the Etruscans already produced and even exported this product.
Tasting the fine wines that Tuscany offers is then an excellent way to experience the local traditions first-hand.

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The suggestive "coastal towers" of Tuscany

coastal attractions in tuscany

Wonderful coastal attractions in Tuscany that will enchant you!

The breathtaking landscapes of Tuscany are full of extraordinary beauties.
Among them is the enchanting coastline, made even more suggestive by peculiar “decorations”: the coastal towers, whose function was to protect the coasts from pirate incursions.
Here are three towers that you can visit in the area of Grosseto.

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Going back to the Middle Ages in Scarlino

castelli medievali in Toscana

A suggestive place with one of the most beautiful Medieval castles in Tuscany

Of all the Tuscan localities where time seems to have stopped, Scarlino is no doubt one of the most suggestive.
It is a peculiar medieval village situated on a 200-metre hillock, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Follonica, but also of the countryside and of the sea (thanks also to the squares that overlook these sceneries).

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A beach that is good for your health

health benefits of the beach

Enjoy the benefits of the beach in Tuscany

The summer is about to end and we all want to enjoy our last period of holidays in the best way. Of course, the sea is one of the most popular choices: we can refresh in the water, we can relax on dreamy beaches while the sunrays caress our skin, we can play with beach rackets or we can play beach volleyball, we can build fabulous castles or… “bury” our friends and relatives in the sand!

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