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The natural park of Maremma


It is impossible not to focus on nature

When it comes to Tuscany, it is impossible not to focus on nature.
The region has several parks, nature reserves and protected areas. In fact, it is one of the most popular destinations for people who love animals and nature in general.

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Bike tours by the sea in Tuscany


The nature, the vegetation, the sea, the sky…

When the summer starts, Tuscany becomes full of vivid colours.
Everything comes to life again: nature, the vegetation, the sea, the sky… everything transforms and the spectacular landscapes turn into veritable postcards.
It’s impossible to remain indifferent in front of so much beauty.

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Typical dishes in Tuscany

typical dishes in Tuscany

Your holidays have never been so "delicious"!

It’s really difficult to visit Tuscany and to remain indifferent in front of its magic.
There are so many monuments, museums, churches, traditions, beautiful sceneries… not to mention nature and the sea!
But also culinary delicacies can give visitors (especially the greediest) a gratifying sense of satisfaction, just like all the others attractions!

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Follonica: one of the gems of Tuscany

places to visit in tuscany

A beautiful town rich in history and beauty!

Did you know that the name of Follonica has something to do with the laundry?
In fact, it seems that the place name derives from the Latin word “fullonica”, which denoted the workplace of “fulloni”, whose job was to wash and remove stains from clothes.
This hypothesis is absolutely plausible, since the territory is rich in springs.
Not to mention the fact that water is a significant element for Tuscany.
The sea is a clear proof: people have always been bewitched by its beauty.

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The wonderful sea of Follonica

best beaches in follonica

Enjoy one of the best beaches in Tuscany!

Every year, in every season, Tuscany is literally invaded by tourists coming from all over the world.
Culture, art and history make this region an extremely charming tourist destination!
But also the breath-taking landscapes and the fabulous sea contribute to the outstanding beauty of the territory.

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The museum of iron and cast iron in Follonica

musei da visitare a Follonica

One of the most interesting museums to visit in Tuscany!

All the people who have visited Tuscany agree on the fact that it is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. Tuscany is rich in history, culture, art, tradition and breath-taking landscapes.
All cities - be they big or small, popular or not - hide exciting secrets!
Of course, Follonica is no exception!

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