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Medieval towns in Tuscany

medieval towns in Tuscany

Visiting the Medieval towns in Tuscany is an indescribable experience!

There’s no doubt that Tuscany is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy.
In some towns you can still sense a suggestive atmosphere. Have you ever visited the amazing Medieval towns in Tuscany, for example?
They are really suggestive and witness a past characterised by struggles and conflicts. Castles, towers, citadels and bastions provide evidence of this. Explore amazing alleys and discover the magic of Tuscany. Take part in this exciting travel through time.
Here is a short list of places we think you should visit.

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The art cities of Tuscany

art cities of Tuscany

A special holiday to enjoy the beautiful art cities of Tuscany

There are parts of Tuscany with breathtaking landscapes and sceneries that seem authentic works of art.
Maybe this is the reason why the art cities of Tuscany are so beautiful: the presence of these panoramas must have been a source of inspiration for artists.
That’s why we want to suggest you some cities and towns that are worth visiting for their outstanding beauty.

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