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Going back to the Middle Ages in Scarlino

castelli medievali in Toscana

A suggestive place with one of the most beautiful Medieval castles in Tuscany

Of all the Tuscan localities where time seems to have stopped, Scarlino is no doubt one of the most suggestive.
It is a peculiar medieval village situated on a 200-metre hillock, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Follonica, but also of the countryside and of the sea (thanks also to the squares that overlook these sceneries).

The Rocca Medievale (Medieval Citadel), also known as Rocca Pisana (Pisan Citadel), dominates the village. The name is misleading, because the citadel was actually built on the behest of the Aldobrandeschi family, while the Pisani family just had it renovated. The building is an imposing castle with the shape of an irregular pentagon and it has been kept in very good conditions. There are also three big towers, two square and one circular. It seems that the Citadel was used as a cemetery in the XIX century, while today (after the renovation works that took place in 1972) it hosts several events in summer.

The walls that enclose the whole village contribute to keeping the Medieval atmosphere alive and so do the alleys, the narrow streets and the gates, which are three: Porta della Fonte, Porta Scabris and Porta a Mare.

Near the Citadel is an archaeological park where finds of the late Bronze Age have been discovered. You can see them in the “Centro di Documentazione del Territorio”, a department based in the City Hall. The finds also include the so-called “treasure of Scarlino”, which is a terracotta pot containing 100 gold florins from seven different mints.

The churches of San Donato and San Martino and the Palazzo del Conte (the Palace of the Earl) are other attractions that you can see to complete your tour of Scarlino.

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Photo by Petitverdot: Matteo Vinattieri - Own work, CC BY 3.0 - Link to Wikimedia

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