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Local legends and myths

popular tales of tuscany

Discover the amazing popular tales of Tuscany!

The Maremma region in Tuscany is a magical, suggestive place, a true source of inspiration. It’s not a coincidence that, over time, history and myth have merged, giving birth to amazing tales.

One of the most popular is set in a really magical place: the so-called Torre della Bella Marsilia, a tower overlooking the cliffs in the heart of the Maremma nature park. It is what remains of the ancient sixteenth-century castle of the powerful Marsili family (which explains why the tower was named after the beautiful little girl of the family).

In fact, in this magical atmosphere grew up Margherita (an Italian female name meaning “Daisy”), a beautiful, brave girl with red hair and violet eyes.
One night the wind was so fierce that the sentinels left the castle unguarded, sure that no fool would dare face the raging storm. Instead came the corsairs led by cruel Hayreddin Barbarossa, who managed to enter the castle and carried out a bloody massacre.

At the break of dawn only one life had been spared. Young Margherita was kept alive not for mercy, but only because she had to be brought to sultan Suleyman I, who would certainly appreciate her outstanding beauty.
Margherita didn’t lose heart and promised herself that she would take vengeance for what she was going through.

In fact, the sultan was so enchanted by the extraordinary beauty of the girl that he married her and started to satisfy all her desires. Margherita decided to take advantage of the influence she had over him. She became more and more powerful, despotic and determined to take her revenge. Unfortunately, she died in Constantinople without seeing her cherished castle one last time.

Or maybe did she?
Today, at sunset, the sunlight gleams on the cliffs and creates copper reflections: they look like red hair blown by the wind, while the waves breaking on the shore turn a vivid shade of violet that recalls Margherita’s eyes.
Come and visit wonderful Tuscany. You will be enchanted by its magic, which will turn your holiday into an exciting experience.

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