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Privacy Policy


Dear Customer,
In accordance with applicable privacy laws (EU Regulations n. 679, 2016), we would like to take this opportunity to inform you that your personal information will be processed in an ethical and transparent manner, only for lawful purposes, and in a manner that safeguards your privacy and your rights.

Processing takes place manually and using IT tools, and is done for the following purposes:

To obtain and confirm your booking of accommodations and other services, and to provide such services as requested. Since this processing is required to define our contractual relationship and to perform under our contract with you, your consent is not required, unless certain “sensitive” information is submitted. Should you refuse to submit your personal information, we will not be able to confirm your booking or provide you with the requested services. Processing shall cease once you check out, although some of your personal information may (or in some instances, has to) continue to be processed for the purposes and in the manner described below;

To comply with our “Public Safety Law” (Article 109 Royal Decree n. 773, 18/6/1931) which requires that we provide identification data of our guests to the police, for purposes of public safety, in the manner established by the Ministry of the Interior (Decree of 7 January 2013). Data submission is mandatory, and does not require your consent. Should you refuse to provide such information, we will not be able to host you in our hotel. Data acquired for such purposes shall not be retained by us, unless you provide consent to their retention as required under point 4, infra;

To comply with applicable administrative, accounting, and tax regulations. For these purposes, your consent is not required. Personal information is processed by us and our persons in charge of data processing, and is disclosed outside the company only when and if required by law. Should you refuse to submit the required data for the above purposes, we will not be able to provide you with the requested services. Data acquired for such purposes is retained by us for the required statutory period (10 years – or longer, in case of tax audits);

To speed-up check-in on your next visit to our hotel. For such purposes, upon obtaining your consent (which can be revoked at any moment), your information will be retained for a maximum of 10 years, and will be used the next time you are our guest, for the reasons listed supra;

To allow you to receive messages and telephone calls during your stay. Your consent is required for such purposes. You can revoke your consent at any time. Such processing, where consent is granted, shall end when you check out;

To send you advertising messages and updates on special rates and promotions. For this purpose, upon obtaining your consent, your information shall be retained for a maximum of 10 years, and will not be disclosed to third parties. You may revoke your consent at any moment;

For purposes of protecting persons, property, and company assets, using a video-surveillance system for some areas of the hotel, which are duly identified by signage. Your consent is not required for such processing because it is conducted pursuant to our legitimate interest to safeguard persons and property against potential violence, theft, robbery, damage, and vandalism. Surveillance is also conducted for purposes of fire prevention and occupational safety and health. Recorded images are erased after 24 hours, except on holidays or other days the business is closed; images are never retained for more than one week. These images are not subject to third-party disclosure, except as required to comply with a specific investigatory demands from a court or the police.

We also would like to inform you that the European Regulation grant you certain rights, including rights of access to, adjustment, erasure, limitation of, or objection to the processing of your data, as well as data portability rights, when and insofar as applicable (Articles 15-22 of the EU Regulations n. 679, 2016). You can also file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority, according to the procedures set forth under applicable regulations.

For any other concern, and to assert your rights under the EU Regulation, please contact:




The website uses cookies to improve the use of the online service and ensure browsing efficiency. This current document provides detailed information on the use of cookies, about how they are used by and how to manage them.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text strings, which the web sites visited by the user send to their terminal (usually the browser), where they are stored before being sent back to the same web sites during the next visit by the same user. During the browsing of a web site, the user could receive on his terminal even cookies that are sent by different web sites or web servers (so-called "third party"), where several elements can be stored (such as, for example, images, maps, sounds, specific links to pages of other domains) on the same site that is being visited.
Cookies are usually found in very high numbers on user's browsers and sometimes feature a long temporal presence. They are used for different purposes: execution of authentication information, monitoring sessions, storing information about specific configurations relating to users who access servers, etc. (Privacy Guarantor - Identifying simplified methods for policy and acquiring consent for the use of cookies - 8th May 2014. Published in the Official Gazette n. 126 of 3rd June 2014)

Type of cookies

Based on the features and use of cookies, we can outline several categories:

  • Cookies needed. These cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the website. These cookies do not identify the user. If you do not accept these cookies, functions on the website or parts of it, may be affected.
  • Performance cookies. These cookies are used to anonymously collect and analyse the traffic and site usage. For example, even without identifying the user, these cookies allow to detect if the same user returns to connect at different times. Furthermore, they also allow monitoring the system and improving its performance and usability. The deactivation of these cookies can be executed without any loss of functionality.
    Examples of performance cookies include, but are not limited to the following links:
    - Google Analytics: For more information on Google Analytics click here
    - YouTube Tracking: For more information on Google Analytics click here
    - Wordpress Stats: For more information on Wordpress Stats click here
  • Profiling cookies. These are persistent cookies used to identify (anonymously or not) user preferences and improve your browsing experience.
    The website does not use this type of cookie.
  • Third Party Cookies. Visiting a website you may receive cookies from the visited site ("proprietary"), as well as from websites run by other organisations ("Third Party"), such as the "social plugin" for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. These are part of the page visited, generated directly by said sites and integrated into pages of the host site. The most common use of social plugin is the sharing of content on social networks. The presence of these plugins involves the transmission of cookies to and from all sites operated by third parties. The same operators regulate the management of the information collected by “third parties”. More information is available at the following web addresses for different policies and methods of managing cookies.
    • Facebook policy:
    • Facebook (configuration): access your account. Privacy section.
    • Twitter policy:
    • Twitter (configuration):
    • Linkedin policy:
    • Linkedin (configuration):
    • Google+ policy:
    • Google+ (configurazione):
    • Google Analytics
    • YouTube: For more about YouTube click here

Duration of the cookie.

Some cookies (session cookies) remain active only until you close the browser or execute the logout command. Other cookies "survive" the closure of the browser and are also present in subsequent future visits.
These cookies are known as persistent and the server sets their duration at the time of creation. In some cases there is fixed a deadline, in other cases the duration is unlimited. does not use persistent cookies.
However, browsing the pages of the website you can interact with sites operated by third parties that can create or modify persistent and profiling cookies.

Management of cookies.

The user can decide whether to accept cookies or not using the settings on their browser. However, sometimes the total or partial disabling of technical cookies may compromise the functioning of certain website features. On the contrary, the full usability of public content is possible even when the cookies are completely disabled.
Disabling "third party" cookies does not affect the browsing experience in any way
The settings can be specifically set for different websites and web applications. Furthermore, the best browsers allow you to define different settings for "proprietary" cookies and those of "third parties".
Below are some links for cookie management across the main browsers:

  • Chrome:
  • Firefox:
  • Internet Explorer: explorer-9
  • Opera:
  • Safari:
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