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REKA - Swiss Travel Fund

Born in 1962 thanks to the swiss tour operator popularis tours, the golfo del sole resort was built at several steps achieving the nowadays development in 1975.

In August 1990, the Golfo del Sole holiday resort was purchased by Reka, a leading organisation in the field of family tourism, based in Bern, Switzerland.

Reka is currently one of the most important Swiss lodging, resort and hotel providers both in Switzerland and abroad. Its tourist facilities (2,700 accommodation units spread throughout Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria and Croatia) stand out from their competitors for their excellent value for money, making them particularly recommended for families.

Since it was first founded in 1939, the Reka Swiss Travel Fund Cooperative has set itself the goal of promoting social family tourism, by creating, in 1954, the "Reka Cheques", a means of payment for tourist services in Switzerland (now recording annual turnover of approximately 325 million euros). In Italy, as well as in the Golfo del Sole tourist centre, Reka offers holiday apartments and hotels in various locations in Tuscany, on Lake Garda, on Elba Island, in Sardinia and on the Adriatic coast.

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